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PBDELTA Unit Properties and Benefits

The NEW PBDelta Phase Balance Unit is contained in a Square D  4" X 9" X 12" steel box, 20 lbs. Internal components are held in place by insulating, closed-cell poly urethane foam. It is drop-proof, water-proof and tamper-proof. Three phase leads and a circuit ground are enclosed in 1/2" X 8 ft Greenfield Conductor which comes attached to the box.

In any 3-phase, Delta Circuit with greater than 100 HP inductive load. the Unit balances the Volt  and Amp magnitudes between the phases. 

*  Improves voltage and amperage balance between phases
*  Reduces amperage harmonics generated by motor, therefore reduces KW Demand of motor
*  Corrects power factor, therefore reduces amp demand of motor
*  Attenuates Volt & Amp spikes by phase balance to protect circuit
*  Provides Voltage ride-through for saga and surges tp protect circuit
*  No voltage-specific MOVs or Lamps to burn out or replace
*  Phase Balance is self-healing, Unit is Maintenance free for 60,000 hours

When a PBDelta Unit is installed on each motor panel in a plant, these panels are protected through phase balancing from voltage sags and surges of less than 10 cycles which would otherwise over-heat motor starters and cause expensive damage.

Multiple LCCC devices can be installed on a panel with 200-1000 HP of induction motor load using a power factor meter. Install multiple LCCC units in parallel until unity PF is achieved. This rugged device is easy to install and will give many years of service.  SEE Scientific Papers Tab for data and precise information.


Circuit Testing before Installation

To test the PBDELTA Circuit phase-balance before installation, use the Amprobe 37XR-A meter in the Capacitance Mode to measure capacitance between the phase conductors. Values should be about 180 to 190 micro farads, and Cab, Cbc and Cca should agree within 0.2 %.  Once the 3 phase leads and the grounds have been connected, the PBDELTA will tend to bring all the electrical properties of the Delta Motor Circuit into phase-balance.

Recommended Installation Procedure

1)  Test phase voltages and wiring of receiving panel by measuring 9 voltages, phase-phase (3), phase-neutral (3) and phase-ground (3). If wires have been improperly connected, or if the panel is unbalanced, the PBDELTA may trip the breaker.

2)  Locate PBDELTA unit within 8 feet of the Motor Panel and hang on wall using the key slots on back side. 

3)  Knock out 1/2" hole in the receiving panel, cut the wires and conduit to final lengths and install the Greenfield clamp into panel with nut. Measure lengths carefully before cutting.

4)  Connect phase and ground wires to an appropriate 3-pole breaker and then tighten Greenfield clamp

5)  Test ON/OFF the connection by measuring amp drop at any point on the line side of the panel. The PBDELTA has no indicator lamps or sacrificial MOVs. The phase-balance circuit is self-healing and will function without maintenance for the life of the PBDELTA, projected 60,000 hours.


There are two grounds in each PBDELTA Unit.  The Greenfield Conduit is the equipment ground for the steel Square D box and the # 12 bare copper wire is a floating ground for the continual adjustment of the phase balance system. This self-healing system attenuates spikes and provides voltage ride-through for sags and surges less than 10 cycles in duration.

Benefits of a Phase-Balanced Circuit

A phase-balanced circuit is closer to the power properties at the point of generation. During distribution, due to the phases being separated and with each phase having different loads and power demand, these phase properties often drift apart. Three-phase motors, which make up 60% - 70% of the load, will run more efficiently and cooler on phase-balanced power with lower amperage harmonics, which is the key to the power savings. Equipment life is extended because the motors run cooler with the magnetic fields and forces closer to the design quantities.

Voltage Specification of PBDELTA Unit

These units have been designed to operate over a wide range of Delta Voltages. They are not voltage critical. They are very sensitive to voltage phase-imbalance and correct that condition. The reactive amperage signal produced in each lead by the PBDELTA Circuit is directly proportional to the voltage. Since the heating is proportional to the square of the amperage, the higher voltage units have heavier internal parts. Therefore, select the unit voltage close to that of the applied panel for coolest operation.




  • Reduces power costs, typically from 10-15%

  • Reduces System Harmonics

  • Increases system capacity

  • Extends electrical equipment life

  • Reduces electrical equipment maintenance costs (and associated downtime)

  • Improves equipment functionality

  • Improves radio, TV and telephone reception (thanks to less line noise)

  • Provides a healthier, EMF-reduced environment

  • Environmentally responsible - saves energy!



  • Maintenance-free

  • Installs easily

  • Reduces line current and wattage

  • Helps to balance loads

  • Reduces EMF radiation

  • Reduces System Harmonics

  • Protects against surges and spikes

  • Reduces line noise

  • Improves voltage regulation

  • Improves power factor

  • Our units are backed by a three-year warranty

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